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So, this is my first foray into blogging. Well, not strictly true, since I have written  blogs for my accounts on myspace and tribe.net. It feels a little more author-writer-like, here…………..

So who am I? 🙂  Little old me…. literally , a petite 5’0″.

I am a  British dancer /student of many Middle Eastern/bellydance styles: including Egyptian (Oriental/Cabaret/ Ghawazee(Roma/”Gypsy”) Saiidi, folk, Classical 1940’s) Turkish (Oriental and Roma), Moroccan (Schikhatt and Folk) Tunisian, ATS (American Tribal Style bellydance) and Tribal Fusion, Dunyavi “Gypsy” ( Turkish, flamenco and North Indian Roma styles fused by Dalia Carella of New York). I have been studying this form of dance since 1998.

Also since 1998, I have been a student of Flamenco, another great love of mine. I have had many teachers, who have studied both in Spain and in the UK, and have been lucky to study the many palos(styles) ; solea, soleares, bulerias, tientos, tangos, huelva, malaguena, with footwork ( oh yes!) castenet ( harder still!) and body work.

I have an interest in the Zambra Mora, which, strictly speaking, is a flamenco music form, which lent itself to beautiful choreographed dances in the 1940’s (with the resurgence of  an interest in Andalucia and her Moorish past). It has been touted as the oldest flamenco dance form , but research by dancers /writers such as Ana Ruiz explore this idea and come up with a more interesting dance truth. I’ve explored the Zambra Mora in my myspace and tribe .net accounts: http://www.myspace.com/qurtubiyya and http:// people.tribe.net/maureen-theresa .

More over, I have a deep and long term interest in Moorish Spain/Portugal: culture, art, artistry, poetry, literture,  history, language, mores and philosophies, which I hope can feed into my dance art  ( Middle Eastern and Flamenco dance) on some level.

I am currently learning kathak and ballet- both very highly disciplined dance forms. I am hoping to add a classical infrastructure to my Flamenco and Middle  Eastern dance studies. The classical teaches great mastery, depth, and the push for knowing everything inside out, that stands the test of time…..


Alongside my dancing, I’m a writer, but I was a writer first. I write on many things:articles on art, arts, culture, cultures, language, languages, history, histories, anthropology, sociology, literature, socio-politics, women’s issues, gender issues, and more recently short-story writing. I want to explore short, lyrical, vivid poetry, both as descriptions and stories, capturing the sharpness and accuracy and romanticism of a Brancusi sculpture: my aims 🙂


I journal dreams, since I want to listen to my intuition (  with Saturn in Pisces in my natal (astrological)  eighth house, it’s not surprising for me – for those of you who read astrology on a more psychological, subsconscious level – that Pisces is symbolical of dance, dreams, the feet, spirituality, the social conscience,  and  breaking down boundaries,in the eighth house of shared resources, sexuality, the hidden, the occult;  Saturn is the structure- what a good way then for me  to focus on writing clearly and deeply  on those  all themes……………. I’m sounding a little too serious , here, LOL…)


In my day to day life, I teach foreign and second language students English, at a further education college. Hey, no one knows it’s me, writing all this…… 🙂


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